Beginner ambassador at the school of Stirling raped small female college student in venues of residency after achieving them on Tinder

Beginner ambassador at the school of Stirling raped small female college student in venues of residency after achieving them on Tinder

Duncan burns off, 24, would be found guilty of violation after mistreating lady, who had been 20 during the time, physically, verbally and sexually

  • By Vic Rodrick
  • 1 Nov 2017, 17:42
  • Current : 4 Nov 2017, 11:38

A ‘STUDENT AMBASSADOR’ just who boasted which he would definitely sleep with 100 female at a Scots school might convicted of rape.

Duncan burns off used a blessed state as a housing link specialist at Stirling institution and wore the official purple t-shirt so susceptible pupils could diagnose him whenever they needed services.

But a panel listened to explanation that uses was a sexual predatory animal just who pushed on his own on a young female student after organizing morning hours conferences along with her.

His person, who had been elderly 20 during the time, stated she they returned to the woman smooth and “Googled the meaning of rape”.

Talking through rips, she said: “i usually detected rape to become more like with a total stranger or with violence.

“I understood I’d stated no in which he believed Having been stating no. I got no fears in my thoughts, but don’t assume at the moment I believed it has been violation.”

The court heard data that the woman and a bisexual feminine who additionally received love with injury went to the police with about the exact same tales how he had abused them, physically, vocally and sexually before fundamentally raping them.

But the court returned a majority verdict picking out the implicated acquitted of raping the other girl – who’s going to be at this point in a girl to girl union – on two independent business.

Giving information from behind a display from the High trial at Livingston the girl he raped, now elderly 22, advised just how uses employed their remarkable strength getting love-making with these people against her will likely.

She claimed she over and over repeatedly informed him ‘No’ and tried using to no avail to push him down when he utilized his own torso to pin the woman down on a sleep before taking off this model pantyhose and panties.

She stated she was actually “shy” and “scared” about associations because she’d never really had a partner and was a pure before relocating to study in Stirling.

She admitted she appreciated burns off, who she came across in Tinder, and wished to have a relationship with him or her.

She moving returning to his own room during the institution after nights out when this bimbo experienced “a bit of Dutch courage” during her.

She believed they consistently pressed this model having sexual intercourse but she continually declined.

She ultimately approved wank him or her before ultimately sleeping with him about five times.

The former college student mentioned “cocky” skin burns would get the lady to tears together with insults.

She claimed the guy let her know once they got sex that when she is well-known in addition, on television set he’d state: “Oh, we took this lady virginity”.

She alleged which he raped them within the university’s venues of residency on 23 March 2016 after straddling them with one thigh on both sides of hers.

She said: “He was claiming we’ll be friends with many benefits. That Has Been basically all the guy stated.”

She outlined just how Burns lay-on top of the girl and struggled with them before eliminating this model small clothes and yanking her hand faraway from between this lady upper thighs.

She said: “i recently remember he had been looking to get your pantyhose all the way down. From the merely retaining all of them up-and stating that i did son’t wish because We know the guy were going to have sex.

The Man squeezed simple pantyhose down to my own thighs then he pressed your leg separated.”

She said Burns kissed this model regarding the chest before extremely raping this lady.

She said: “I became wanting force him or her down but i used to be fundamentally possessing your. I did son’t have the strength to move him difficult.

“from the it injuring but explained him it was injuring. They didn’t cease. It couldn’t transform something. The Guy merely continued.”


After verifying on the internet that gender without agree had been violation, she alerted the school regulators, along with cops had been reached.

The jury read she was at a “distressed state” when this hoe instructed associates and school officials just what uses received performed to the lady.

Burns off, 24, of Rosemount path, Birkhill, Angus, was initially faced with three counts of violation and six fees of strike.

He had lodged specific defences declaring any erotic contact he had making use of the two girls am employing permission.

In addition, he confronted an accusations he raped one more women on 23 March 2016.

The Crown withdrew the strike fees during the tight with the prosecution’s evidence and that he had been acquitted regarding expense.

Adjourning word until 29 December for back ground account, assess Lord Mulholland assured uses: “You’ve come convicted of a fee of violation. This can be a dangerous topic.

“You received intercourse with (lady) without this model agreement despite hr making it basic to you personally she didn’t desire sexual intercourse together with you.

“You avoided their wants and made use of power to have intercourse together without the woman consent.

“The legal require a highly serious view of such illegal run.”

Burns off will have his or her identity combined with the sex offenders’ subscribe on account of his own judgment of conviction.

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